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Diabetes is the top cause of death in old aged blacks, maintaining the five out of the seven top causes of death directly or indirectly maintaining more than 3, lives per annum, and Mostly blacks, minorities, experienced more years of potential life and a significantly higher death rate.

Regulations should be placed on how and when they are marketed. There are multiple plans in case of emergency or disaster. Obviously, however, Reading has many weaknesses regarding its economic status.

Local hospitals should be responsible for making sure people have access to good medical care which helps people prevent illnesses, identify health conditions early, and treat health problems. According to community board Eleventhey are more likely to die prematurely and have a higher than normal rates of heart disease.

There are four reservoirs, multiple creeks and the Schuylkill River running through Reading. Inthe black people were On the other Community health assessment paper, Ms Kepley suggests that addressing the diabetes problem among the population requires healthcare providers to have cultural and linguistic competency, provider interpreters and translators to promote better communication.

Puerto Rican immigration after the First World War established the first foothold of Latinos in what was a mostly Italian inhabited Harlem back then. Community Health Profiles,p. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Whether it comes from the family members, schools, media outlets, and hospitals, we need more of it. People who have diabetes also have higher risks of conditions such as blindness and heart disease among others. The aim will be to supply the tools for control of the disorder so that you can reduce cost weights and serious complications for South Carolinians who have problems with diabetes mellitus Bennett, There are snow emergency routes thoughout the city in the case of debilitating snow storms.

Estimates reveals that 27 percent of South People is estimated to be at Carolina by the yeara rise of more than 37 percent from CDC, Governing agencies can become more involved with the way companies market selective products that are know to contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Bars are very common in Reading. Pharmacies in the area participate in providing free blood pressure checks along with community centers. There are a variety of homes in Reading, including low-income housing, apartments, and single family homes.

A State of being well and using every power the individual possesses to the fullest extent Nightingale. Additionally, there exists a significant percentage of people in the area without the knowledge that they have the disease which creates the idea that the number of people affected can be higher than estimated.

The unemployment rate in July was One way to improve this would be with increased education regarding family planning. Additionally, diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and accounts for the rise in mortality rate among the African-Americans who are at higher risk levels.

The language assistance and communication aspect also promotes the chances of reducing health disparities and improving equity which often impacts the African-Americans negatively. This has been slowly improving since Ethnic-groups The white people of South Carolina are in large number of Northern European stock; great migratory wave from Eastern and Southern Europe in the 19th century migrated from South Carolina almost unaffected.

Neighborhood and Community Safety Because Reading was established so long ago, the majority of homes and infrastructure are old and in need of repair.

Recreational and community centers in East Harlem provide a array of services from after school programs to baseball camps, child group care, food pantries, and performing arts programs.

Its poverty rate is unacceptable with the majority of affected persons in a family setting. This would help both with unemployment and language barriers in the community. The presence of social and medical services is widespread. Wed, observing for changes in functional ability or mobility.

Berks County Social Services. Take Care East Harlem Manhattan. The City of Reading is geographically 9.

Health care, nEW brunswick, families, and tertiary, my personal nursing experience has been in surgical care services. Most of the population is familiar with the system, however, most are not familiar with the disaster and pandemic plans.Running Head: COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT PAPER 18 Quality Health Care Saratoga Hospital is a bed community hospital serving Saratoga County and the surrounding area.

Major employer for the area Good Side Walks and Free Parking Saratoga has. Community Health Assessment Paper Essay Sample Assessment of a community for health care purposes revolves around the goal of treating the community as a client and improving its overall heath.

This involves knowing the customs of the community, identifying their needs, and the usage of their current resources and optimally applying them. Riverside County is a vast geographical area in Southern California with a diverse population. It represents a melding area of different cultures, ideals and median income, resulting in a community.

Community Health Assessment

Community Assessment Paper Essay Sample. Abstract This paper is an assessment of the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. It will describe the city with a focus on the population, economic situation, culture, neighborhood and safety factors. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Community Health Assessment Nursing.

Community & Population Health Nursing Task 1, C Michael Felkner, Student ID: County Assessment My assessment is of Henrico County in the state of Virginia.

Henrico County is located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, census count for the county population waswith an estimated county population of

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Community health assessment paper
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