Ethical issues in electronic commerce

Ultimately, the manner in which e-commerce is applied determined the competitiveness of the firms.

E-Commerce Ethical and Legal Issues

A data miner application, SahAgent collects and combines Internet browsing history of users and sends it to servers. They need a computer mediator to be more predictable. Legal Issues Where are the headlines about consumers defrauding merchants? Another issue to look out for is Cybersquatting, which refers to the practice of registering domain names with the desire of selling it at higher prices.

The Ethical Problems In E-Business

Domain Names The competition over domain names is another legal issue. Velanzuela et al affirmed this assertion by indicating that the perception of the consumers regarding the ethical nature of an organization is crucial to the emergence of a strong relationship between the buyer and the seller.

E-Commerce Ethical and Legal Issues

So, what are the issues particularly related to e-commerce? Novel technologies have created a path way for unprecedented privacy, while exposing the same individuals to unparalleled infringements in privacy. One needs to be careful while doing e-commerce activities.

The Ethical Problems In E-Business

For example, if you buy software you have the right to use it and not the right to distribute it. It is a hot issue for both cyber and click-and-mortar merchants. During the first few years of e-commerce, the public witnessed many frauds committed over the internet. Domain Names The competition over domain names is another legal issue.

To detect and remove spyware specially designed programs like Ad-Aware are present. Geo-Location Systems and Privacy Udo postulated that the invention of geo-location systems amplifies the set of ethical aspects associated with e-commerce.

For example, reserving railway tickets for their personal journey purpose can be tracked. Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework identifies the ethical factors associated with e-commerce with focus on privacy.

New forms of E-Commerce that enables new business practices have many advantages but also bring numerous risks. The distribution rights are with the copyright holder. Text, photos, music, artwork and ideas routinely move from the creators to the copiers, with no permission for use granted or sought.

Predictions about habits and conduct can be used to draw incorrect assumptions about themselves Cavoukian, Top level domain names are assigned by a central non-profit organization which also checks for conflicts or possible infringement of trademarks.

Protection of consumers in the online platform presents numerous challenges. The first type of service matching and providing information can be fully automated, and this service is likely to be in e-marketplaces and portals that provide free services.

Through establishment of secure websites, fool-proof payment portals and data security makes it possible for consumers to shop without fear of losing such data to the wrong individuals. The extent to which copyright infringement is defined also becomes an issue when it comes to e-commerce.

For example, if you buy software you have the right to use it and not the right to distribute it. The manner in which employees are treated may raise ethical issues, such as how to handle displacement and whether to offer retraining programs.

Although businesses may collect such information for perfectly legal reasons, it is impossible to assure safety of identities of the individuals.Jun 05,  · Ethical issues relating to e-commerce information technology use, and the implications for managers, and business practices Literature Review Introduction Ethics is based on personal beliefs.

E-Commerce Ethical and Legal Issues March 8, October 29, Roshan Babu General The vastness of Internet advertising offers a solid platform for Electronic Commerce (or e.

4 Examples of Ethical Issues in Business Online commerce has been growing rapidly since the s, and nearly every retail operation of any size has a.

E-commerce retailers do not necessarily discontinue data collection from online customers, but they should consider some easy and inexpensive ways to improve customer autonomy and privacy. We spend a lot of time talking about things that build our business; things like marketing and SEO and data analysis.

But, most people who expand their business to the web forget about some of the fundamental ethical issues at hand. Legal ethical issues E commerce Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Ethical issues in electronic commerce
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